Constate Utilities charges on a "per transaction" basis to recoup it's costs for many services/items. The following Terms and Conditions may change in response to business needs and market conditions.

                             RATES & BILLING

  • Base Rate: a minimum "overhead" amount charged EVERY MONTH (even if no water is used).
  • Tier Charges: additional charges for water consumed in excess of 5000 gallons.
  • Invoices are generate monthly AFTER water is consumed & are MAILED by the 5th of the month.
  • Absent other instructions, Invoices (& Notices) will be sent to the Property address.
  • Invoices are ALWAYS due the 25th of the month. A Grace period of 2 business days is permitted.
  • Failure to RECEIVE an invoice does not relieve the obligation to pay the Base Rate on time.
  • Customers can get their Balance Due online AND pay it online any time of day or night.
    • Click on the Bill Payment Tab for Payment options.
  • Late Fee: ($5.00) applied to Accts that do not pay by the 25th of the month, AT LEAST :
    • The Base Rate / minimum Fee, OR ...
    • An amount that reduces the Balance to $15 or less. (Minor errors will not be penalized).
  • As a convenience to Owner(s), Constate recognizes Renters & 3rd party Agents, but:
    • Property Owner(s) remain the Acct Holders and, by default, financially responsible for the Acct.
    • Invoices may reflect the Owner's name, regardless of Invoice address or special instructions.
    • Should any dispute arise, the Owner's position may be given greater weight.
  • Shut Off Policy: Accounts that are delinquent for 10+ days will be scheduled for DISCONNECT.
    • Reasonable attempts to notify Acct Holders of SHUT OFF will be made.
    • Reasonable efforts by customers to resolve the Balance Due will be considered.
    • Where delinquent notifications are ignored or avoided, service will be TERMINATED.
    • Despite partial payments, service may be TERMINATED if Account is habitually Past Due.
  • Please provide WRITTEN notice of Address Changes at least 5 business days in advance.


  • New Account Fee: $25 charged to process new customer applications / bookkeeping setup.
    • To expedite processing, this fee may be invoiced but ID & proper signature ARE required.
  • Turn on/off Fee: charged to turn a meter ON or OFF:
    • If not urgent and processed routinely by Constate, a $40 Fee will apply.
    • If a 3rd party Vendor performs the service, their charge (plus 15%) will apply.
    • In cases of non-payment, ALL fees MUST be paid prior to Restoration of Service.
  • Late Fee: ($5.00) See above.


  • "System" meters & lines carry water TO the meter(s), and BELONG to Constate Utilities.
    • Customers are not authorized to alter Constate lines or meters.
    • Liability for meter alterations not made by Constate shall lie with the customer/owner(s).
    • Damage/alterations to Constate lines/meters caused by abuse, tampering, etc. will be charged to the responsible party & could result in Termination of service and/or REMOVAL of equipment.
    • Click on the "Meters & Meter Reading" Tab for additional information.
  • Leaks on the "house side" of the Constate meter are the responsibility of the owner.
    • Owner should contact a plumber for assistance and/or assistance.
    • Charges for all water flowing through the meter will continue to accrue.
    • Click on the "Meters & Meter Reading" Tab for additional information.
  • Meter Access: Failure to provide reasonable access to meter(s) may result in:
    • Inflated charges,
    • Termination of service, OR
    • other appropriate remedy
    • Click on the "Meters & Meter Reading" Tab for additional information.
  • Water Restrictions may be imposed from time-to-time & are published in The Citrus Chronicle.
  • Uncollectibe Accounts may result in the filing of a lien against the property for monies owed.