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Repair Scheduled for Friday, June 12, 2020

Constate Utilities recently received a couple of complaints concerning "air in the water" which results in a "cloudy" water. Upon on further inspection, a leak at the wellsite was identified and Suncoast Plumbing has been called in to assist. Parts are on order but  should be received soon. Assuming all goes as planned, the repair is expected to begin on Friday, June 12, mid-morning at about 10 AM. We do NOT anticpate any interruption in water service but, of course, repairs do not always go as planned. 

Finally, our main phone number (352-628-2255) is inoperable at this time. Our phone provider is continuing it's investigation so we are using a temporary number which has been assigned to our account as a "substitute." That number is - 352-503-3044.

Our website functions and company email continue to work normally so please utilize those options and expect Alerts to be distributed via text message as well concerning updates. Anyone can register for those text / email messages at constateutilities.com and anyone on the system is encouraged to do so.