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Possible Outage on Sunday, 8/11/19

It's been determined that an emergency repair on W. Keating Ct. will be done on Sunday, August 11, 2019, beginning at 9 AM. The difficulty of the repair is unknown and won't be known until the digging begins. It MAY become necessary, depending on the location of the leak, parts required, etc to SHUT OFF water to perform the work. IF a service DISRUPTION is necessary to complete the repair, the homes affected by the Shut Off will include:

Odd-numbered addresses on W. Keating Ct., AND

Even-numbered addresses on W. Justin Ct.

IF a Disruption in Service occurs, a (Precautionary) Boil Water Notice MAY or May Not be issued. If a PBWN is issued, it will be distributed within 24 hours by door hanger to the homes affected by the outage and later Rescinded (cancelled) in the same manner.

There are several variables involved and hopefully the repair will be completed without any service disruption, but please PREPARE to be without water this Sunday. The time required to complete the repair is also unknown. Updates will be posted on the website, by electronic Alerts and on the main phone line as well.