Meters & Meter Reading

Meters / Ownership / Liability

  • Constate is responsible for providing lines/water TO the meter(s).
    • Customers are not authorized to alter Constate lines or meters.
    • Liability for meter alterations not made by Constate shall lie with the customer/owner(s).
    • Injury to Constate lines/meters caused by abuse, tampering, etc. will be charged to the responsible party and could result in Termination of Service and/or Removal of equipment.
  • Owners are responsible for lines/water FROM the meter.
  • House "valves" BELONG to the homeowner (& are usually located near the garage).

Meter Reading

  • Meters are manually read once a month by Constate for billing purposes.
  • Any water passing through a meter is billed to that meter/Acct monthly.
  • Failure to provide reasonable access to meter(s) may result in:
    • Inflated charges,
    • Termination of service, OR
    • other appropriate remedy

Leaks / Responsibility / Who to Call

  • An unexplained spike in your water bill indicates the existence of a LEAK.
  • Leaks may be underground or difficult to identify; even small ones can impact your usage.
    • Thousands of gallons can be lost each month from a small but continuous leak !
  • Report SYSTEM leaks & Issues to Constate by calling 352.628.2255 during business hours, OR
  • For AFTER HOURS Emergencies, contact Well Operator, Jeff Schrade, at 352.634.0726.
  • Constate is not responsible for leaks on the "owner's side of the meter."
    • The property owner should contact a plumber to locate & repair, as needed.
    • Consider checking your meter daily to monitor usage if a leak is suspected, but not apparent.