Bill Payment

1. Online > 2 options

The QUICK PAY option can be utilized by ANYONE with internet access simply by entering the Constate Utilities Acct Number. Only the Balance Due will show, & then payment options follow. OR follow the steps to set up a secure, online account so you can view payment history, water usage history, and more.

  1. Pay by Debit or Credit Card > $3.50 or 3% of the transaction amount, whichever is greater.
  2. Pay by eCheck > 75¢ per transaction > one-time, immediate withdrawal from your Bank Account.

For either option, just click the red Payment button to get started.

2. AutoPay > Automatic, Recurring Deductions

This is a FREE service, which is set up THROUGH Constate, NOT through this website:

  1. Click on the Link at the bottom of this page. PRINT the ACH Authorization Form.
  2. Complete the Form and mail it to Constate Utilities. Include a Voided Check.
  3. Allow 3-6 weeks for setup, which allows time for a "test" transaction to confirm that everything works.
  4. After the "test" transaction is confirmed successful (no rejects), ACTUAL deductions will begin.
  5. Continue paying "normally" until your Invoices arrive with a stamped instruction: "Do not pay ... "
  6. Cancel at any time, upon timely, written notice to Constate.

3. US Mail

Mail a check or money order (including your Acct #) to PO Box 339, Lecanto, FL  34460. Late Fees apply to payments not received by the Due Date. Cash is accepted but not recommended. Any discrepancies as to the amount tendered will be construed in favor of the company.

4. Dropbox

A locked, secure dropbox is available at 5287 W. Homosassa Trail, Lecanto, FL 34461 (rear side). Cash is accepted, but NOT recommended. Any discrepancies as to the amount tendered will be construed in favor of Constate. Please include the Constate Account Number and/or Property Address for proper posting.

Payment Address

Constate Utilities, Inc.
P.O. Box 339
Lecanto, FL 34460

Relevant Documents